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Bearings are an essential part of modern life today. Their presence in virtually every mechanical item has made them a very large market. This market size has inevitably attracted less scrupulous groups. These groups provide fake bearings with counterfeit packaging that has leading company brand names and similar sounding brand names to deceive the buyers.

Fake bearings are bad for industry, dangerous for users and a bad deal for buyers. Fake bearings pose a huge danger to human lives, company's finances and operations. Production lines can get halted, lives lost and industrial shutdown are just some of the dangers in buying fake and non-genuine bearings and products. Not only is this practice unethical, it is ILLEGAL. It's a Lose-Lose deal and the only ones who benefit are those who supply these ticking time bombs to the market.

Sabongui's Office is 100% committed to providing its clients ONLY the genuine products from the most reputed manufacturers in the world. We completely support the efforts of the World Bearing Council's Anti-Counterfeiting Committee to address this problem. At Sabongui's Office, we have built our reputation in the industry since 1962 and have earned the trust of the market and of our clients. We will continue to ONLY provide the genuine products – That is our commitment and we stand behind it.
Therefore it is very important to buy ONLY from authorized distributors and/or commercial agents

We support WBA polices on Stopping Fake Products

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